Algonquin Fiber


Terms of Service Agreement

Last updated: March 3, 2023

Speed of Service

The speed of the network shall vary from time to time according to network load and conditions.

All of our residential wireless plans operate on a fair access policy, whereby maximum expected speed is maintained, before being tapered back to minimum expected speed of the package purchased, until sustained downloading has ceased. This allows for unlimited data by incorporating fair network sharing.

Service Quality

Algonquin Fiber makes every effort to maintain 0% packet loss within its network. However, due to radio interference hazards, and changing landscape (see Geographic Location), Algonquin Fiber can offer no guarantee of service quality, and will not be held accountable for any loss of efficiency due to packet loss.

Network Uptime

Algonquin Fiber will make every effort to maintain 100% uptime within its network. However, due to electric surge, and static electric damage, , and potential external natural and manmade accidenst Algonquin Fiber can offer no guarantee of network uptime, and will not be held accountable for any loss of efficiency due to intermittent, or sustained network failure. By purchasing an Algonquin Fiber account, the customer understands that from time to time there will be service disruptions. Algonquin Fiber will work to the best of its abilities to restore service as fast as possible. However, customers acknowledge that Algonquin Fiber has a fixed amount of time in order to restore service when an issue arises. Algonquin Fiber strives to restore service for its business clients typically within 24 hours or 1 business day. Algonquin Fiber strives to restore service for its residential customers typically within 24-48 hours or 2 business days. Please note that if service is not restored within the timeframe therein, it is the sole discretion of Algonquin Fiber — on a case-by-case basis — to provide compensation in the form of a credit to the customer’s account. Please note that Algonquin Fiber does not actively monitor the status of a customer’s connection and therefore has no knowledge as to whether a customer’s connection is damaged or not.

Late/Unpaid Payments

Algonquin Fiber requires payment in advance for all network services. If payment is not received within 30 days of an invoice’s issued date, Algonquin Fiber has the right to suspend the user’s Internet service, without warning, until payment is received.

If a payment does not clear due to insufficient funds, Algonquin Fiber reserves the right to charge a $20.00 NSF fee, when notice is not received 24 hours prior to attempting to process the payment.

Any customer whom is disconnected due to non payment, will have their billing continue. Once payment has been received and applied to the customers account, the customers account will be credited for any time they were offline.

Insufficient Funds (NSF) and Direct Deposit Notes

Please note that any “bounced” payment or payment that is sent back to Algonquin Fiber as “insufficient funds” from the bank will be defined as an NSF payment. NSF fees will be automatically charged back to the customer at a rate of $15.00 per NSF occurrence.

All customers are encouraged to pay with direct debit or deposits. This can be done by submitting to Algonquin Fiber a VOID cheque and the appropriate documentation

Please note our policies concerning NSF payments on direct debit transactions include an automatic $15 NSF fee on any “Not Sufficient Funds” transaction. We will automatically apply this amount to your account and re-attempt to debit your account the following month without contacting the customer.

If multiple NSF transactions occur, Algonquin Fiber has the right to temporarily terminate or suspend an account until the outstanding bill has been paid.

Equipment Warranty

Algonquin Fiber will provide the user with one(1) Ethernet connection, and any necessary configuration information, for successful connectivity.

A Fiber switch will be installed at a user’s residence typically in a locked security box and remains the property of Algonquin Fiber.  This equipment is maintained, and replaced upon failure by Algonquin Fiber technicians, as required, without fee. Damage to Algonquin Fiber equipment, through vandalism, lack of protection against power surge, or failure to meet home grounding protocols, is not covered under this maintenance agreement. Any repairs that are not covered by this maintenance agreement will occur at the user’s expense.

Algonquin Fiber is not responsible in any way for any damage to the users computer(s)/network(s), including hardware damage, computer viruses, or loss/theft of personal information.

Fair Access Policy

Algonquin Fiber reserves the right to, at our discretion, reduce the speed of a user if excessive usage is causing network deterioration. This fair access policy is in place to protect our valued customers and allow a fast and reliable internet experience for all users.

Cancellation Policy

Algonquin Fiber requires the user to provide 30 days notice of intent to cancel their Internet service. Notice can be communicated in writing, via email or by telephone.

As per the Equipment Warranty, the Fiber Switch equipment remains property of Algonquin Fiber and is to be collect upon arrangement.

Disconnection Notes

Please note that we do not prorate for seasonal or standard disconnection notices. For example, if you want service for a partial month (ie if you want service until September 15) and your billing falls before or after that day (ie September 1 or October 1) we will not create a special bill for the half month.

We respect that you either want to purchase the service for the whole month or not at all. Please communicate this effectively to us via either phone, email or fax and please give us an appropriate degree of time — typically around 30 days — in which to process your request. We do this in order provide an orderly and clear set of guidelines so that we can meet or exceed your needs.

General Terms:

Algonquin Fiber’s high speed internet service is solely for personal use.  Without limitation, you may not use the service or any equipment provided in connection with the service for operation of an internet service provider’s business. You may also not use it for any commercial purpose, unless specifically authorized by a written agreement between Algonquin Fiber.  Any commercial use must conform to all the terms of that agreement.

Algonquin fiber also prohibits the following use of it’s service, but is not limited to:

    • Intruding on another person’s privacy; this would include any harassment, abuse, stalking or violating the rights of others.
    • Using any prohibited tools to access any other person’s computer, data or software without the other person’s authorization.
    • Algonquin fiber prohibits subscribers disseminating in any means, either by transmitting, posting, storing etc in any form:
        1. copyrighted material or intellectual property without prior consent
        2. child pornography
        3. Hate literature
        4. Any tools that will comprise copy-protection
        5. Any tools that assist in the fraudulent use of telecommunications services.
    • Interfering in any way by “denial of service attacks”, overloading a service, “crashing a host” etc.
    • Algonquin Fiber prohibits any type of software that may include a Trojan horse, worm, virus or any type of disruptive component.
    • Unless you have purchased Services that are specifically designed and authorized to support such functionalities, operating a server in connection with the Services including but not limited to mail, news, file, gopher, telnet, chat, web, or host configuration servers, multimedia streamers, or multi-user interactive forums.
    • No server shall be utilized on our services, unless prior permission or you have purchased the service, that supports mail, news, file, gopher, telnet, web or Host Configuration servers, streamers or interactive forums that will interfere with our ability to provide services to our subscribers.
    • Algonquin Fiber expressly prohibits the reselling any of the Services or using the Services other than for your own personal purposes without prior permission. You agree that you will not use the Services to provide internet access or any other feature of the Services to any third party.
    • Any distribution, storage, posting, or reproducing of any program or information that constitutes a criminal office.
    • Violating or breaching any applicable laws and/or regulations.

 Zero Tolerance Policy for Abuse of Staff

Algonquin Fiber strictly adheres to and enforces a zero tolerance policy with regards to the physical or verbal abuse of its staff members by customers. Both field technicians working on-site, and support staff operating in our office, have the right to a non-abusive work environment.

Our team is trained in conflict resolution and will aim to satisfy customer needs whenever possible. Should an incident of abuse occur, the customer will be informed that their behaviour is not acceptable and the staff member will end their interaction by leaving the work site or disconnecting the phone call.

An internal review is then conducted by management, at which point Algonquin Fiber reserves the right to terminate any services provided to the customer.