Thank you for your interest in becoming an Algonquin Fiber customer.

Algonquin Fiber is expanding our network services in 2023 and your area is highlighted as one of our potential expansions. This survey will be the basis of how and when this may occur. Algonquin Fiber is hoping that this survey will enable a clearer picture to help move this project ahead.

To Access our survey, you can visit our website at

Please answer the following questions and email to or indicating your name and address. 

( This includes 75m cables)

We are looking forward to serving your area with great internet service in the future.

*A one time ONLY installation fee of $198.00. This will provide you with a brand new installation of light speed Fiber Optic Internet service to your house or business and activation of a Fiber switch and WIFI router.

This includes an Underground Fiber Drop up to 75 meters to the side of your house or business.